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GENERAL CONDITIONS OF ACCESS AND CONSULTATION OF THE COMPANY PLATFORM 1. SUBJECT 1.1. These General Conditions regulate the terms and conditions of access and consultation of the Online Business Platform, dedicated to companies, (hereinafter "Business Platform") owned by Epic Education S.r.l. tax code and p.i. 15878411006, n. registration in the Register of Companies of Rome 1620997, cap. soc. i.v. € 14,117.65, with registered office in Rome, via dei Magazzini Generali 16, pec., e.mail (hereinafter "Epic Education"), accessible from the site (hereinafter "Site"). There Business Platform is the tool through which Epic Education actively promotes the meeting between job supply and demand in relation to the professional figure of specialist in the ICT area. 1.2. Access to the Companies Platform is allowed to all natural or legal persons - through their own appointee - who, in relation to their area of ​​activity, are interested in finding staff specialized to be included in its staff, previously registered on the Site by filling in of the appropriate registration form (hereinafter "Company") and the characteristic data of the Company (hereinafter Profile Agency). 1.3. Company registration and the compilation of the related Company Profile are subordinate approval by Epic Education. In case of acceptance, a communication will be sent to by e-mail to the address indicated during registration, containing the link for verifying this address a completion of successful registration. 1.4. The check mark in the "Terms and Condition" box at the bottom of the format registration on the Site is equivalent to signing these General Conditions. Marking with check the "Terms and Condition" box at the bottom of the registration form on the Site, the Company declares to fully accept the clauses contained in these General Conditions, as well as the content of the provisions, documents and procedures referred to therein. 2. ACCESS AND CONSULTATION OF THE COMPANY PLATFORM 2.1. Once the registration is complete, the Company accesses the Companies Platform by entering their credentials. 2.2. Access to and consultation of the Companies Platform is free of charge, subject to the provisions of the subsequent art. 2.6. 2.3. Access to the Companies Platform allows the Company to consult the available profiles of the students who have successfully completed one or more specialized training courses offered by Epic Education (di hereinafter "Student / s"). Each profile is accompanied by the following information: name, surname, e-mail, number of telephone, city of residence, previous work experience, language skills, marks obtained during the course, soft skills assessment by Epic Education. The full view of Student data is subject to the real interest of the Company in the latter, expressed by clicking on the appropriate button. 2.4. The Company can carry out targeted searches, according to the parameters indicated in the Companies Platform. 2.5. The visibility of the profile of one or more Students can be reserved exclusively to one or more Companies for limited periods of time, and therefore precluded to other Companies of the Companies Platform. 2.6. If the Company offers an employment / collaboration contract to one or more students, including a internship and / or internship title, is required to immediately notify Epic Education, through the procedure provided on the Companies Platform, or by communication by e-mail to the address no later than 5 (five) days from the submission of the proposal. Non-fulfillment by of the Company of the obligation of communication referred to in this article, entails the right of Epic Education to prevent access to the Company to the Company Platform and the right to apply a penalty equal to the amount of second fee to be paid by the Student, without prejudice to compensation for further damage. 3. OBLIGATIONS OF THE COMPANY 3.1. The Company undertakes to: - comply with the communication obligation provided for in point 2.6; - fill in the registration form and the Company Profile with truthful and correct data, of which it declares and guarantees to dispose legitimately; - use the Companies Platform exclusively for commercial use, for the purposes and in accordance with these General conditions; - do not communicate or in any way transfer their access credentials to the Company Platform and / or i data and information contained therein; - take all appropriate measures in order to protect the data and software stored on the your device, relating to the Companies Platform; - do not access the software components of the Companies Platform and / or use them; - not to reproduce and / or copy, nor to have third parties reproduce and / or copy, not even temporarily and / or partially, the Companies Platform and / or its contents, by any means and in any form; - do not adapt, modify, translate, transcribe, compile, decompile, assemble, disassemble in everything o in part the Companies Platform and / or its contents; - not to export the Companies Platform and / or combine it with other computer programs; - promptly inform Epic Education if it becomes aware of acts of piracy and / or use illegal or contrary to these General Conditions of the Company Platform. 4. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 4.1. The Company accesses the Companies Platform and uses it at its own risk. Except in cases of willful misconduct or negligence serious, Epic Education cannot be held responsible for damages, direct or indirect, for access or failure access and use of the Companies Platform. 4.2. By way of example but not limited to, it is excluded, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, any liability of Epic Education for damages, direct or indirect, however suffered by the Company and / or third parties in in relation to and / or in connection with the use or non-use of the Company Platform, as well as the fact that the Business Platform is accessible and functions without interruptions or errors or in all possible combinations of use and, in particular, in relation to and / or in connection with: (a) incorrectness, incompleteness, incorrectness of the contents of the Companies Platform; (b) loss of data, business opportunities or profits, in the context of any relationships established or established by the Company itself with Students and / or third parties through the use of Companies Platform; (c) delay, malfunction, suspension or interruption of the connection to the Companies Platform; (d) delay, malfunction, suspension or interruption of functionality and / or content of the Business Platform; (e) malfunctions of the connection equipment used by the Company; (f) incorrect use of the Companies Platform by the Company. 4.3. Epic Education will have no responsibility in the event of non-execution, delays in execution, of malfunctioning, suspension and / or interruption of the Companies Platform or its functionalities that they are the consequence of facts not attributable to the same, or which, in general, are the consequence of causes of force major or fortuitous event (such as, by way of example but not limited to, power failure electricity or telephone lines or network connections, strikes, industrial disputes, wars, embargoes, acts vandalism and terrorists, tampering or illegal interventions by third parties or equipment, epidemics, flooding, earthquake, fire and other natural disasters) or the incorrect use of the Companies Platform from part of the Company. 4.4. Access to the Companies Platform may be temporarily and periodically suspended for maintenance, ordinary and / or extraordinary or for updates, also to be performed at Epic systems Education other than the Business Platform aimed at ensuring the correct functioning of the Platform Companies or its improvement. Epic Education will make every reasonable effort to correct any such malfunctions promptly or to facilitate their resolution. 4.5. Epic Education undertakes, where applicable and possible, to disclose the temporary suspensions scheduled, notifying the Company by means of a prior notice. 4.6. In the event that the Company finds a disservice, the latter is required to promptly report it by sending an email to 5. INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY, LICENSE OF USE 5.1. The contents, the software architecture, the photographs, the texts, the slogans, the drawings, the images, the sequences animated, with or without sound and all other works integrated within the Companies Platform, are owned of Epic Education or third parties of which Epic Education is a licensee. Any reproduction, representation, use o modification, by any means and on any support, even partial, of the Company Platform and / or the its contents and / or all other works integrated within the Company Platform, without a quote consent of Epic Education, is strictly prohibited. The denominations Epicode, Epic Education, slogans and logos are, unless otherwise indicated, registered trademarks of Epic Education or third parties of which Epic Education is the licensee. There reproduction, imitation, use or application of these trademarks without the prior authorization of Epic Education, or their respective owners, constitutes counterfeiting. The Company is prohibited from copying, modifying, reproduce, even partially, in any form, the information and elements that appear in the Companies Platform, to intervene on the Companies Platform, to act in ways that damage property rights intellectual property of Epic Education and third parties of which Epic Education is a licensee. 5.2. The Company expressly authorizes Epic Education to use the name / company name e the visual identity of the Company's brands for promotional and publication purposes on the Site, on the social networks of Epic Education, brochures, flyers or anything else useful for advertising or institutional purposes. With subscription of these General Conditions, moreover, the Company expressly authorizes Epic Education to use the definition of "Partner Company" towards third parties in relation to the Company. 6. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION 6.1. These General Conditions are subject to Italian law. 6.2. For the resolution of disputes related to the interpretation, execution, resolution of these General Conditions the court of Rome will be exclusively competent. 7. UPDATING AND MODIFICATION OF THESE GENERAL CONDITIONS 7.1. Epic Education reserves the right to modify and / or update these General Conditions and / or the Companies Platform and / or its contents and / or functionalities at any time, and in particular if this is the case should it become necessary to adapt these General Conditions and / or the Company Platform a supervening needs of a legislative, administrative, technical and / or managerial nature, also taking into account of technological evolution and without compromising the quality of the Business Platform. The General Conditions applied are those in force on the date of connection to the Company Platform by the Company, which, by continuing to access the Companies Platform, you declare that you agree to be bound by it, accepting it fully any changes and / or additions. 8. DATA PROCESSING 8.1. Each of the parties undertakes to carry out the processing of the personal data acquired in the course of the activities covered by these General Conditions exclusively for the purposes and with the methods strictly necessary for the execution of these activities. 8.2. To this end, each of the parties, as independent data controller, guarantees: (i) full compliance with current legislation on privacy (by way of example: Legislative Decree 196/2003 as amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018 and EU Regulation no. 2016/679) for the sole purpose of punctually executing the obligations of it nascent and (ii) the adoption of adequate security measures provided for therein.


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